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Hiking Yoga – Westgate-on-sea, Kent

There are very few things as beautiful as breathing sea air.
Add active walking – for a bit of cardio, and a relaxing Yoga class with mindful meditation to crown the whole experience, and you’ll have a perfect day out.

  • When: Saturday or Sunday during the summer, check the calendar to find the dates or add your details here to get notified in your inbox.
  • Where: Westgate-on-sea, Thanet, Kent
  • What time: 10 am – 12pm
  • Price: £20
  • How to book>>> https://app.ubindi.com/Geny.Caloisi <<<<
  • How to get there: Train from Victoria or Bromley South, National Express bus or car.

There is an option of getting together at 09:00 for a spot of continental breakfast at the Changing Minds Charity house. It’s an exclusive breakfast, in a beautiful house on W0S high street, just for us yogis.

All proceeds from the breakfast are donated to the Charity.

People that participated before said:

“It was the perfect combination of walking, yoga and social interaction along with some very informative foraging info from Geny. I’m looking forward to the next one”

“I did not really have a favourite activity as what was so lovely was the variety of the day. I liked meeting up with other people, walking on the beach and stopping for some listening and stretches. The sunken gardens were sheltered and was ideal for the Yoga we practised. The meditation by the sea was a perfect grand finale. It was a well planned and perfect day either the weather and the tide on our side.”

“Wonderful to step out with friends previously only seen/ met onscreen, fresh sea air very invigorating.”

“It was a magical morning.”

“The time of this is perfect, no traffic and it took just over an hour from Bromley.”

Hiking Yoga workshop
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 Sea Rd, Westgate-on-Sea, CT8 8QA