Ayurveda is a holistic system of medicine. Over 5000 years old, Ayurveda means the science of life. Its origins can be traced to India, but it has spread all over the world influencing Chinese medicine and other holistic practices. There are five ways to obtain optimal health, these are by using:

  • Diet and lifestyle adjustments
  • Massage treatments, and
  • Herbal supplements
  • Meditation
  • Yoga

Book a diet & lifestyle consultation

A consultation consists of an in-depth interview about your current state of health, together with a pulse and tongue diagnosis.

Consultations are all with Geny Caloisi, a fully qualified Ayurvedic Practitioner.

Ayurvedic consultation

A 60-minute, in-depth consultation covering complaints, diet, lifestyle, work, family, mental and emotional well-being and energy levels. This will include tongue and pulse diagnosis and you will get a detailed diet and lifestyle recommendations and a tailor-made organic herbal prescription if necessary. If required there will also be a recommendation of a detoxification and/or purification programme. £60.

Ayurvedic consultation on Skype or Telephone

An in-depth consultation as above but the duration is 60 minutes (remaining 15 minutes for preparing a recommendation and preparing guidance documents for sending). £69.

Follow up

A 30-minute follow-up. This helps with the implementation of changes, checks to see what is working and what needs tweaking and whether any change in prescription is required. There will often be some coaching at this stage. £39.

Refresher consultation

A longer 60-minute consultation session for when the gap between appointments has been over a year.  £40.

Payments via PayPal: PayPal.me/GenyCaloisi


Geny Caloisi – D&L Cert

Geny Caloisi – Therapist Cert

A relaxing massage that improves lymph flow, stimulates the immune system, detoxifies, strengthens and revitalises the entire nervous system.


A muscle-relaxing and revitalising massage to relieve a backache, and release tensions and strains.


This Ayurvedic foot massage is a highly relaxing ideal for people that need to revitalise their legs and feet. By stimulating key marma points, foot massages not only reignite the digestive system but also calms the nervous system. It’s also suitable for pregnant ladies. The Ayurvedic oils help to revitalise, relax, and harmonise the entire body.


This calming and soothing Ayurvedic Hand Massage provides a relief for anyone suffering from stress and insomnia. It is also ideal for people that have a repetitive strain injury (RSI).


A non-invasive massage technique to the abdomen that helps to detox the digestive system, tone the abdominal organs and assists in weight loss around the stomach area. It also includes a massage on the side body and lower back.


A rejuvenating, strengthening, and nourishing massage which uses cotton poultice bags filled with specially selected herbs which are pressed gently over the body. It helps to alleviate muscle and joint pain, tensions, and stress.


A unique localised warm oil treatment, which can be helpful in treating localised ailments, chronic pain, nerve disorders, and sciatica.


Exfoliating massage using finely ground Ayurvedic herbs, including exotic sandalwood with precious herb-infused oils, to make the skin soft and give it a lustrous glow.


A blissful treatment involving a steady stream of warm oil is gently poured into a rhythmical movement over the central Chakra point on the forehead. Deeply relaxing, this treatment can help to remove stress.


This massage relaxes the facial muscles and stimulates facial microcirculation and lymph flow, thereby promoting the regeneration of healthy, younger looking skin.


This intensely relaxing and revitalising massage nourishes both hair and roots. It includes the neck and shoulders and also the face.



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