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Half-year check up – Envisioning 2021 workshop

If you didn’t manage to attend in January, this is your chance now!

Let me tell you, it was a beautiful online meeting where we got dreaming big. We pasted images and words that made that represented what we wished for in different areas of our lives.

Dreaming big is great, but you also have to evaluate what’s still relevant and what can be let go of or replaced by something else.

For this reason, I want to invite you to come to the ‘Vision board half-year Check-Up.’

Creating a vision board is a fun and creative activity that can be carried out at any point of the year when we want to gain clarity and move forward

Get your board or large sheet of paper, glue, scissors and a collection of images and words from magazines that you can use to illustrate what you would like in each area of your life.

What I love about this workshop is that you can listen to what other people have highlighted on their vision boards and why. It is most enlightening!

Get ready and you can do the workshop while you are listening!

Above all, enjoy the process!

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