Because of lower back pain I become a yoga teacher

After many years of working at a desk as a journalist, I developed really strong lower back pain. Even one of the things I loved doing the most, which is dancing, caused terrible pain.

I had to stop dancing for a few years. This was really hard as my social circle was mainly on the dance scene.

It’s not a magic pill. Healing from back pain takes dedication, perseverance and real lifestyle changes. In the process I also learned that back pain ins not just postural, stress has a huge influence on our pain perception and manifestation.

But it is possible to cure your back pain.

This yoga practice will help stretch and strengthen muscles that support the back and spine.

Yoga is one of the more effective tools for helping reduce low back pain. For instance, downward-facing dog is a great pose for stretching out your hamstrings and calves, which can relieve lower back pain.

Swimming is a fantastic way to strengthen the back muscles. Twists can relieve tension in the back. In this class, you will also learn to use your toes in a creative way to stretch your legs ;o)

What’s your story with your back?