Yoga Nidra – Moving Prana (life energy) through the body

Moving Prana is a transformative experience that takes you on a journey to harness and channel the vital life energy, known as prana, throughout your entire body.

Led by the expert guidance of Geny Caloisi, this unique Yoga Nidra session combines the profound relaxation of yogic sleep with intentional mind-guided movements designed to activate and circulate prana while the body is totally at rest.

As you immerse yourself in this meditative practice, you’ll be guided to visualize and feel the subtle flow of prana, the universal life force, as it moves through different energy centres within your body.

The session incorporates guided movements of the breath just using your awareness to facilitate the free flow of prana, promoting a sense of balance and harmony within.

Through this practice, you’ll become more attuned to the subtle sensations of prana, fostering a heightened awareness of your life energy and its dynamic presence.

Moving Prana offers a rejuvenating experience that not only deepens your relaxation but also enhances your connection to the vital force that animates your being. Immerse yourself in this holistic practice and awaken the flow of life energy throughout your body, leaving you with a renewed sense of vitality and inner peace.

As you surrender to the soothing tones of Geny’s voice, you will embark on a journey within, unlocking the latent potential of Prana to revitalize every cell and fibre of your being.

Moving Prana goes beyond the conventional boundaries of Yoga Nidra, introducing a dynamic element that encourages the circulation and movement of life energy throughout your body. This gentle yet powerful practice aims to release tension, promote healing, and restore balance, allowing you to tap into a profound sense of inner calm and vitality.

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