What is fascia and how to release it

The fascia is a three-dimensional web of multiple layers of loosely woven connective tissue that enfolds us from head to toe, surrounding and integrating all the structures of the body.

The Fascia can get tense through stress, repetitive posture (like being seated for long periods of time) or it can even get stuck on scar tissue after an injury. To release this thin and resilient layer of tissue, we need to ease the body with fluid movements.

A very lovely way of getting this release is through a full body massage or Abhyanga, which is done with warm nourishing oils.

The massage will help to restore healthy movement and flow of energy within the whole body, by freeing up the layers of fascia surrounding the muscles, organs, and glands. This is one way to support Majja, the nervous system tissue.

Another way to do it is through fluid movement, as in this yoga class. By developing a greater mind-body connection, it’s possible to cultivate a profound sense of inner peace, and an energy balance that will unlock your body and perhaps your life too.

If you want to experience this release with a full body massage you can book it with me. Just email me geny@cheyoga.co.uk

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Tais Gabrieli

This session was one of the best yoga classes that I’ve ever done! You’re an awesome teacher Geny 👏🏻🥰❤️🙏🏻