Introduction to Meditation

We live according to our perceptions because the universe adjusts itself immediately to our expectations. If we look for negativity, we will find it in abundance. When we look for goodness around us, we create positive energy.

For me, the best way to create the reality I want to live in has been through meditation. this is why I created Geny’s Meditation eBook.

In meditation, I have found tools to not only look at reality in a balanced way but also to realise that there are always blessings (no matter how hard it might get) and that we all have the potential for grace.

It’s easy to believe some individuals or incidents are simply bad when we’re flooded with challenges, grief, or pain. If we seek the good in all, the universe balances itself and eases our path.

What type of meditation is best?

There are numerous types of meditation techniques, each with its own unique approach and focus.

Finding what works best for you is a great step forward for a sustainable practice.

The meditation journey is not always easy, so take it as an adventure, and enter it with curiosity and an open mind.

It’s like developing a muscle, you have to start slowly and build on it.

My advice is to use opportunities during the day to exercise this concentration/mindfulness muscle.


  • While brushing your teeth,
  • When you are preparing your food,
  • As you say hello to a friend and you take a second to truly look at them in the eye, etc.

Daily meditation is my refuge and my strength, I hope it will be yours too.

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