Father’s day

Today is a special day. Today is a day where we can stop and reflect on one person who has had an essential part in making our existence a reality: our father.

Fatherhood is not always an easy thing.

I am grateful for my lovely dad, who is far away in Argentina (photo on the left).

As children, we might have had expectations that were not always fulfilled by our father. At the same time, you might have unforgettable memories of moments spent with your dad.

You would have inherited some talents from your father. You may have learned to behave and think in certain ways because those were the ways that your father acted and thought.

Our relationship with our father will often affect our relationships with the other men who will come into our lives. Understanding this can help you better understand yourself and the life that you have created.

One thing I enjoy observing, as I don’t have children of my own, is the relationship that Peter, my awesome partner, has with his daughter. Just for that, he deserves recognition and appreciation.

I also love seeing my male friends and yoga students growing into loving fathers. It feels my heart with tenderness.

Whether you have a child with your partner or not, it always takes two to create magic.

Honour the paternal energies in yourself.

Perhaps you can share a day of Yoga by the sea with your partner to celebrate. June 27th there is Reconnect, yoga day retreat by the sea. A great opportunity!

Reconnect Yoga retreat

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