Holistic health, do you feel the calling?

My journey through Yoga and body and mind therapies has been endlessly satisfying and fascinating. There are always new things to learn and each interaction is like a universe in itself. I would advise anyone that has an incline to working in the holistic realm to take the plunge, do some training and never look back.

When I decided to become an Ayurveda therapist and Consultant there was one person that had a great impact and influence on me: Purnima Melos.

Purnima does an amazing bodywork called Ayurvedic Yoga Massage.

This therapy works not only on the physical level but also on the energetic body. Purnima is one of those special people you meet in life. She is insightful and generous with her knowledge. Her skill is unique.

And guess what? You can train with her this coming September!!

It’s over two long weekends, so you wouldn’t even have to use a lot of your annual leave.

This is an opportunity not to be missed.


Ayurvedic Yoga Massage (AYM) is a special bodywork therapy that combines ancient Indian massage with yoga-inspired stretches. It is a deep and vigorous massage which uses the rhythm of one’s breath as a compass.

This vast technique combines more than 400 movements that unlock sensations and energies, releasing tensions and eliminating toxins, acting as a powerful healer for posture alignment, fatigue, panic attack, distress or any kind of physical or emotional pain. Furthermore, it helps to return the body and mind to their natural equilibrium and state of wellbeing.

The technique was created by Master Kusum Modak, a unique Indian woman who overcame the cultural challenges of her generation through the force of her work. Kusum was the very first to weave together Ayurvedic massage and yoga practice.

WHEN: 21,22,23, and 28,29,30 September (Fri-Sun)


WHERE: YHA London Windmill Ln, Cheshunt EN8 9AJ

Take the plunge! Start an amazing adventure!

Email: purnimamassagem@gmail.com

What do you need?

There are no prerequisites for students to study Level 1. Once you finish the 6-day course, you will be able to perform a complete sequence of the technique at a professional level.

The course covers the technique in its full and original form, maintaining fidelity to the creative source, Kusum Modak. The course includes supervised practice, review of content with Q&A, guidance on the use of props, applied anatomy, subtle anatomy, pathology and case studies, contraindications, postural correction and practices for the welfare of the student.

About Purnima Melos

Purnima (pictured above) is a qualified and insured bodywork therapist that has been practising Ayurvedic Yoga Massage (AYM) technique since 1997. She is Awarded in Education and Training(QCF), TQUK Level 3. She has been teaching AYM in London since 2011, and she is a regular practitioner at Bodywise Health Centre, Triyoga and team member of Carolyne’s Ji Retreats.

Purnima was trained by Kusum Modak, the very creator of AYM in India 1999/2000, this meeting brought a deep understanding of the technique in her body, receiving regular sessions from the master. After 5 years working as an assistant teacher to Ma Bodhigita, who trained her in Brazil, she handled her own first training in 2006.
Born in Brazil, Purnima is naturally intuitive and has strong native ancestors background. She embraced Osho meditations early in her life and believes that touch blesses our life from our birth on and can act as a powerful source of healing. As a spiritual channel, her unique approach deeply treats and restores the vital energy. She collaborates with Terra Mirim Movement, following the shamanism of the Goddess Mother.

Purnima is the founder of the Rebirthing Club of London. She is Rebirthing Therapist since 2001, she was trained by A. Ramyata, Samvara Bodewick and Robert Mandel (Rebirthing and International Self-Esteem Project). Purnima has extensive experience in leading groups of Rebirthing.

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