Moving the energetic body

Do you sometimes feel as if your energy is stuck?
Maybe you feel heavy, lethargic or simply uninspired. I get like that sometimes – especially when the weather is cold and grey.

I have two ways of shaking it off:

  • One is to go dancing. My medicine last Friday was a bit of Salsa and Bachata ;o)
  • The other way is through my favourite body-mind harmoniser: YOGA!

Feeling stuck is doesn’t always occur because of a particular thing. We are complex and wondrous beings and our energetic body is an extra engine that we need to be aware of and work with. In our energetic body, we have our Chakras and Nadies (channels where prana, life energy flows)

As we know, the chakras are important energy centres in the body, located along the spine. There are seven main chakras that are linked together throughout our whole system, our physical, mental, and emotional bodies. Each chakra pertains to a different area and function of the body and mind.

In some cases, the chakras can be undeveloped or even dormant.

The practice of yoga helps to awaken and cleanse the chakras, allowing prana to flow through them.

In the Yin yoga chakras-inspired class that I am sharing with you today, the energy will be gently stimulated and balanced to flow.

Let me know how you do with the video. I want to know how I can best serve you, so send me your requests.

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