What can you do during a Solar Eclipse?

Any time a celestial object, such as the Moon or the Sun cross on their paths, energetic shifts are bound to happen. Today at 19:40pm we will be having a partial solar eclipse.

1- To keep cool and connected, why not practising a Moon Salutation or Chandra Namaskar?

2 – This is also a very good time to do a bit of meditation, connecting with our hearts and souls, and with the rest of the universes. A wonderful meditation practice is ‘Taarak’ or candle meditation. As you might have guessed, a candle meditation is practiced by gazing at a candle flame. You will become one with the flame as you go deeper into your meditation.

To achieve this requires both mental stillness and the physical stillness of your eyes. Your eyes wll be  firmly fixed on the image of the flame in front of you and because your eyes are not moving, they are not providing your brain with any new information to process. You then find that some areas of your peripheral vision start to fade from your vision completely… Your eyes might water at the beginning, but they will become accustomed as you practice it more. Be patient, blink and start again, and enjoy the journey!

Eclipses can strip away worries and give us clarity. make sure you take a moment of silence to listen to your inner guru.

3- Singing or chanting mantras is also a good practice to have, in particular if we can incorporate it on a little ritual.
Try the Guru Mantra:
Om, Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu, Guru devo Maheshwara,
Guru sakshat, param Brahma, tasmai shri guravay namah

4- What ritual you might ask? Just lighting a candle and setting up an intention is a ritual.

5 -Another great practice: mindful eating. Tonight, when you have your dinner take a moment to thank the universe for what it is given to us and to appreciate what you are eating. Once you finish, keep a couple of minutes silence and acknowledge what you’ve eaten and how you feel.

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