What do I need to try a new yoga pose?

Have you ever felt as if you are at the edge of a precipice and you know your have to jump, but you are frozen. What you need is to find your courage.

The word “courage” comes from the French coeur, meaning heart. Isn’t it funny that love and courage reside in the same place?

There are many qualities associated with courage such as: bravery, strength, steadiness, trust, self- reliance, integrity, and even love. And also, let’s be honest, recklessness.

So there are different types of courage and each of us will live it differently. An act that takes tremendous courage for one person might be someone else’s “no big deal,” or even their day job.

But there is another difference that we have to be aware off and this is between impulsive courage, the kind that leads people to charge into battle or to do foolish things that can damage them, which is mainly a courage driven by ego; and then there is a more mature courage, courage lived through the eyes of wisdom.

The first one is based on emotion, fuelled by anger and desire. The second one, on the other hand, contains discipline, wisdom, and, especially, a quality of presence.

I would like to invite you to find your courage!

On the yoga class might be daring to try a new pose, trusting yourself or even asking for help if you need it. If you are doing your daily practise, you can choose a pose you particularly feel apprehensive about and put your heart into it to conquer it!

How about trying your hand stand?

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