Using Mushti Mudra to let go of tension

Mushti Mudra is the Fist. Bend your fingers inward and place your thumbs over the ring finger in both hands.

The Mushti Mudra activates the liver and stomach energy promotes digestion and helps to cure constipation. The fist is interpreted as a sign of aggression and might cause a contra attack of aggression too. However, with practice, we can learn to identify the tension and let go of the aggression in a measured manner.

Pushing anger aside or not recognising it can bring illnesses into our bodies. When aggression arises it should be let out, not suppressed.

You can punch a pillow or yell at a chair. Channel your aggression into an inanimate object, not another person.

You will both be able to witness it and it’s then easier to take its power away and let it go.

Affirmation to practice with this mudra: ‘I am quiet and serene in every situation.’