Yoga Nidra – Letting the seed from your heart blossom

“Sometimes there is a seed in your heart. It might feel like a stone, or like a bud ready to blossom. It might feel like a heavy little egg, and you have no idea what’s inside. It might feel like a hard, burning ember. No seed is the same. But if you let that seed, that feeling-sound, take root, then it will grow. Sometimes it grows quickly, or sometimes very slowly, especially if you don’t tend it. It could take months or even years to grow up through your throat and out your mouth. But when you do finally speak it, the birds call that a heart-song.”  ―

Katherine Catmull, Summer and Bird

This lovely quote expresses my feelings about what we plant in our hearts and how it can blossom.

On this Yoga Nidra meditation, we work with the Heart Chakra, Anahata chakra preparing for the springtime to come.


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