Ayurveda treatments at Yoga Wise, in Esssex – Dec 1st

On Saturday, December 1st, I will be heading north to Emma Turnbull’s Yin Yoga, Slow flow and Yoga Nidra workshop at the Yoga Wise Studio in Essex.

Emma’s new studio in Room 8 Marine House, Steeple Road, Mayland, Essex, CM3 6AX looks amazing, so I am coming to see it in person. But the main reason I am venturing to Essex is that I love her teaching. She introduced me to Yoga Nidra and it’s a treasure I will always have and be forever thankful to her.

We also did our Ayurveda Diet and Lifestyle diploma course together and she is guiding her community on the paths of Ayurveda. She is even including Ayurveda on her Yoga Teaching Training that starts in January next year! It’s absolutely unique.

As I will be on that neck of the woods, I will be offering some Ayurvedic treatments after the class.

The afternoon is specially designed to give people that have not tried Ayurvedic massage, the opportunity to experience it on their doors step. In Ayurveda, we use organic medicated oils, suitable for your unique body/mind constitution.

There will be a discounted rate for those who attend Emma’s class.

There are only five appointment slots are available, and you can choose from these wonderful treatments.

  • Pristhabhyanga – Back Massage (30 minutes)
    A muscle-relaxing and revitalising massage to relieve a backache, and release tensions and strains. £24/£30
  • Pada abhyanga – Foot Massage (20 minutes)
    This Ayurvedic foot massage is great for calming the nervous system. It’s also suitable for pregnant ladies. The Ayurvedic oils help to revitalise, relax, and harmonise the entire body. £20/£25
  • Hasta Abhyanga – Hand Massage (20 minutes)
    This calming and soothing Ayurvedic Hand Massage provides a relief for anyone suffering from stress and insomnia. It is also ideal for people that have repetitive strain injury (RSI). £20/£25
  • Nabhi Abhyanga – Abdominal Massage (30 minutes)
    A non-invasive massage technique to the abdomen that helps to detox the digestive system, tone the abdominal organs and assists in weight loss around the stomach area. It also includes a massage on the side body and lower back. £24/£30
  • Shiroabhyanga – Head and shoulders massage (30 minutes)
    This intensely relaxing and revitalising massage nourishes both hair and roots. It includes the neck and shoulders and also the face. £24/£30

Don’t miss out this opportunity!

If you would like to book an appointment email me on geny@cheyoga.co.uk or call her on 07796641151

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