Do you have pain in your neck and shoulders?

The neck and shoulders are very susceptible to stress.

When we feel that we carry the world on our shoulders, we can get pain and discomfort in this area. According to Ayurveda pain is caused by the Vata Dosha, as it’s related to the nervous system.

These days, our constant exposure to devices brings strain to the neck and shoulders area.

In Ayurveda there are several therapies such as pinda sweda, muka abhyanga, oil pooling and nasya (using medicated liquids through the nasal cavity) that are recommended to ease neck and shoulders pain.

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Meanwhile, you can try some yoga, which is one of the five approaches that Ayurveda uses to help us heal.

In this class, we use alternate nostril breathing to balance the nervous system and then we give our neck and shoulders a nice workout.