Yoga to liberate ourselves from life’s illusions

Ayurveda is a holistic science that works not just with the physical body, but also with our subtle bodies: the body of energy, the mind-body, the emotional body.

As we transit this human experience, many times we’ll find that we feel out of source. More often than not this is because we are bringing into what’s happening, which is neutral, all our prejudices and past experiences, which are not neutral and can tint the simplest thing into a dark colour and make it seem impossible to cross.

What practising Yoga and Ayurveda has taught me is how to distinguish between what’s happening and the illusion of what’s happening.

Don’t you find some times thinking ‘He/she didn’t respond to my message, they must be angry/ offended (you fill it in)’. That assumption is only ours and the conclusion is an illusion.

We also tend to fall into the illusion that we are separate from others, that what we do is only up to us. We are all interconnected. We have been able to experience this on 2020/21 with the Covid pandemic and how all its uncertainty and anxiety affected every single one of us.

This Yoga practice using the mantra Ananda Maya Moksha, will allow you to try and experience physically what your body, mind and energy are doing during the practice.

The mantra will train the mind to go back to the present moment and can help to find liberation from the illusions your ego makes you believe.

What does the mantra mean?

Ananda – In Sanskrit means bliss, the kind of bliss that comes with surrendering to life as it is and releasing our urge to control it.

Maya – Means illusion. illusion can manifest in several different ways, one is to make us feel and think that we are separate from others, that what happens to us or what we do only affect us and not others. We can also live I the illusion that our most destructive thoughts will come true. this type of negativity, which we create, can (and should) be dismissed.

Moksha – Liberation, yeah! Letting go of the negative things, pain and thoughts that consume our day-to-day, and achieve a level of emotional freedom. Put together, Ananda Maya Moksha refers to the sense of freedom we can feel when we liberate ourselves from negative patterns of thinking.