Tranquil lake meditation to reduce Pitta Dosha

Do you sometimes feel that you easily lose your temper? Perhaps you use sharp (or hurtful) words in your communication. Do you crave competition, act confrontationally or become controlling. All of these are signs that your Pitta Dosha is coming out of balance.

An excess of Pitta, which is the Dosha compose of mainly fire and a bit of water, can also manifest physically in skin rashes, acne, excess stomach acidity, peptic ulcers, high blood pressure, heartburn, excessive body heat and sweating.

How to balance it?

A simple principle in Ayurveda tells us that ‘Like increases like, while opposites will pacify the imbalance.’ 

To help balance the Pitta Dosha we can refresh our eyes in nature. We can go for a walk in the woods or transport ourselves to a beautiful tranquil lake using the magic of yoga Nidra.

Try this meditation if you feel that your fire element is high (and you are suffering from any of the above manifestations) and see how you feel afterwards.