Ayurveda wisdom: Vata reducing Yoga class

Ayurveda says: as it is in the environment, so it will be in ourselves. When there is wind and it is cold outside we will also feel it in us.

This increases the Vata Dosha. For this reason, we need to bring the opposite qualities to feel more grounded. Vata dosha is a combination of the space and air elements. It is responsible for movement within the body.

Its qualities, or gunas, are cold, dry, light, mobile, subtle, clear, and rough. You might notice that, after a sustained period of windy weather, you will have dry skin, curly/kinky hair, cold hands and feet, and variable digestion tending toward bloating, discomfort, and maybe even constipation.

Your sleep can also be affected by becoming light, waking up around 3 or 4 am. Wind can also bring change and inspire creativity.

Try this grounding yoga practice to lower the Vata Dosha.