Preparing for the Spring, Kapha reducing meditation

During the winter months, we eat heavier foods and might have done less physical activity accumulate. This can make us feel a bit heavier and more lethargic. A typical consequence of an increase of the Kapha dosha, according to Ayurveda.

The Kapha dosha is comprised of the Water and Earth elements. Therefore it’s heavy and also related to the fluids in our bodies. During the spring Kapha ‘melts’ and starts moving. If we exercise and cleanse our bodies, Kapha will leave our bodies and we’ll enjoy the Springtime totally. If we don’t do that, we might suffer from stronger hayfever, heaviness of body and mind and colds or flue. In the mind and emotions, an excess Kapha may make you feel suspicious of others or have a tendency to hoarding material things. You are stable, supportive and grounded.

By working to expand the energy in the body, we aim to create lasting balance throughout the entire system. The Kapha dosha, when balanced influences our strength and stamina. It can give us a sense of security and stability of the mind and emotions. When the Kapha dosha is balanced, you will have a sweet and caring nature, your spirit will be contented and patient, and the heart will be full of generosity and receptivity.

This Yoga Nidra meditation is to balance the Kapha dosha.

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