Using the element of fire to purify ourselves

The fire element has the power of transformation. However, too much fire can make you burn out. We can feel the element of fire heating us from inside when we dance, run or even when we laugh a lot.

Heat can also be present when we feel embarrassed, angry, jealous or aroused. Heat/fire is just that, neither good nor bad. we need to observe it and watch what our breath is doing. In yoga, we often look to igniting this fire to purify our bodies and minds.

When we intentionally focus on increasing our inner furnace, we are also in control of it. How can we ignite the “yoga fire”? First through Prana. Prana, the life energy that we obtain in the form of breath, is raised and activated by all yoga practices.

Prana flows through us after a yoga practice, making us feel open, expanded, and free. As we become more experienced practitioners, we can modulate the intensity of prana by doing less or going deeper with more vigorous, intense practices.

Try out this practice and see how you feel by the end of it! Join me on August 27th for a Yoga Day Festival by the sea to work with the element of fire in person. More details here: