Celebrate the Autumn Equinox

As the golden hues of autumn paint the world, join us for a serene and transformative yoga class that celebrates the magic of the Autumn Equinox. This special yoga practice is a journey to honour the balance between light and dark, both in nature and within ourselves.

Book your place for the donation-based class, on September 21st, 7:30 – 8:30 am here

We will explore asanas (yoga poses) that mimic the changing seasons, promoting flexibility and resilience. We will delve into the depths of our breath with pranayama techniques.

By the end of it, I hope you’ll find inner peace and harmony through a guided meditation that resonates with the autumnal equinox theme.

Anyone who registers will receive the recording too!

During the Autumn Equinox, Ayurveda and Yoga practitioners often focus on adapting their routines and practices to align with the changing season. Here are some important practices and considerations for Ayurveda and Yoga during this time:

1. Balance Vata Dosha: Autumn is characterized by qualities associated with Vata dosha, such as dryness, coldness, and variability. To maintain balance, incorporate warm, nourishing, and grounding foods into your diet, such as soups, stews, and cooked grains.
Use warming spices like ginger, cinnamon, and cardamom in your cooking to help stave off cold and dryness.

2. Adjust Your Yoga Practice: Focus on grounding and stabilizing yoga poses, such as standing poses (e.g., Tree Pose, Warrior Poses), seated poses, and forward bends. These poses help you feel more centred and rooted during this season.
Incorporate longer and more mindful warm-up and cool-down periods to prevent injury and promote flexibility.3. Practice Breathwork (Pranayama): Engage in pranayama techniques that calm and balance Vata, such as Nadi Shodhana (Alternate Nostril Breathing) and Ujjayi breath (Victorious Breath). These techniques help reduce anxiety and nervousness.
Practice breath awareness to stay connected to your inner self and maintain a sense of calm amidst the seasonal changes.

4. Self-Care Rituals: Consider daily self-massage (Abhyanga) with warm sesame oil before showering to moisturize your skin and calm your nervous system.
Maintain a consistent daily routine with regular sleep patterns, as Vata imbalances can disrupt sleep.

5. Mindfulness and Meditation: Use meditation and mindfulness practices to stay present and grounded. Focus on gratitude and embracing the changes in nature.Chanting or listening to soothing mantras or chants can also help create inner peace and balance.

6. Stay Hydrated: While autumn may not be as hot as summer, it’s still important to stay hydrated. Opt for warm herbal teas and room-temperature water to avoid excessive coldness.

7. Connect with Nature: Spend time outdoors, taking in the beauty of the changing leaves and the crisp air. Nature walks and hikes can be a wonderful way to connect with the season.

8. Seasonal Cleansing: Consider a gentle Ayurvedic cleanse or detox to prepare your body for the upcoming winter. This can help eliminate accumulated toxins and reset your digestive system.

9. Reflect and Set Intentions: The equinox is a time of balance and transition. Reflect on your life, set intentions for the season ahead, and let go of what no longer serves you.

Remember that Ayurveda and Yoga practices are highly individualized, so it’s essential to listen to your body and adapt these suggestions to your specific constitution and needs. Consulting with an Ayurvedic practitioner or yoga teacher can provide personalized guidance for your Autumn Equinox practices.

I offer consultations and body therapies. If you are interested, please reach out: geny@cheyoga.co.uk

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