Dark magic yoga

On Saturday, October 31st at 9:30 am I will be doing an hour and a half Halloween inspired workshop. You might think: “I don’t believe in Halloween,” or “I don’t celebrate Halloween.”

Allow me to tell you, this workshop will not be about dressing up and scaring people (although dressing up is encouraged); this workshop will be about facing some things that might feel us scared from within. Things such as death.

Autumn is the season of death and release. Leaves fall off threes, days shorter and darker nights invite us to rest and reset.

This is also a time that can encourage greater intimacy, connecting on a deeper level with those we love. We can also strengthen our relationship with your own inner self.

Sometimes in order to let something else be borne, we need to allow something to die.

Death is not different from life. Death and life are part of the one magical thing that we are. Perhaps this is ‘dark magic’, but shying away from death is of no use. In particular at these time when Covid 19 is bringing news of death to us on a daily basis.

American existential psychiatrist and author Irvin D. Yalom describes thinking about your death as ‘akin to staring at the sun. It’s radical, dangerous even, certainly fear-provoking. It can only be done fleetingly, through the protective shield of cupped hands. Yalom explains that many of our life choices are driven by the deep-seated anxiety we have about death.

Do you identify?

Furthermore, Yalom believes that death should be faced like any other fear: ‘through familiarisation, dissection, and analytical comprehension. Only then are we able to free this fear and focus on living a life devoid of regret’ (Yalom, 2008, who died in November 2019). 

Many spiritual Gurus talk about death.

A favourite of mine is Ram Dass. He’s worked with people on the last days of their lives and has a humorous and intelligent way of looking at death.

On his research on psychology, enlightenment and ancient philosophy, he’s taken different approaches, including experimenting with psychedelics.

On one of his talks, Ram Dass said:

“Prior to my first experience with psychedelics, I had identified with that which dies – the ego. The ego is who I think I am. Now, I identify much more with who I really am – the Soul. As long as you identify with that which dies, there is always fear of death. What our ego fears is the cessation of its own existence. Although I didn’t know what form it would take after death – I realized that the essence of my Being – and the essence of my awareness – is beyond death.

Ram Dass says that death is absolutely safe, “It’s like taking off a tight shoe.”

Like it or not, we are limited beings. Our impermanence and uniqueness is what makes us so special and so precious.

Deepak Chopra explains it wonderfully in his new book, Life After Death where he says: “The human spirit is degraded when we confine ourselves to the span of a lifetime and the enclosure of a physical body. We are mind and spirit first,” Chopra adds, “and that places our home beyond the stars.”

  • Would you like to explore the dark side of your moon?
  • Can you dare to look into that mirror?

It will not be spooky really, I hope you will find it inspiring and interesting!

And we will also have fun in the process.

Come this coming Saturday, October 31st at 9:30 am to my ChART sponsored yoga class. It’ll be an hour and a half workshop, and it’s only £5 donation!

You only need to register on Eventbrite, and invite anyone who might want to come!! Click the button below:

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