Day 5 – Reboot your senses

When we take the time to observe our senses quietly, we are welcomed into the here and now of the present moment. Through the five senses, we can navigate our way through this life. I would say that our sight is the sense we use the most these days, which can be why sometimes we are unable to follow verbal instructions and we need a ‘demonstration. An excellent way to practice using your sense of hearing is to try one of my online yoga classes. If you can follow most of it without relying on looking at the screen, you’ll be developing and strengthening a new skill!

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Besides our eyes and ears, we have the sense of touch, smell and taste. All of them are needed and essential to navigating life. According to Ayurveda, our sensory inputs can heal us, but they can also hinder us. Sensory overload can make the world seem overwhelming.

Regularly cleansing and stimulating our senses is super important.

You can start by smelling and tasting your food. Then, go quiet and listen to the sounds around you, maybe birds, maybe cars, perhaps the sound of the wind. Finally, sense what your skin is feeling. It can be the touch of your clothes, the breeze, or the temperature of your room. And breath.

Despite what is happening around us, taking a moment to observe the senses – each in turn – can help reduce sensory overload.

In this video, we use sound, face and eye yoga exercises and an edible face mask to reboot our senses.

Do let me know how you feel when you do it!

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