Embracing Gateways: Reflecting on Transitions from 2023 to 2024

In the ebb and flow of time, we often find ourselves at the cusp of endings and beginnings, standing before gateways that delineate one phase from the next. Much like crossing a threshold from a hallway into a room, the transition from one year to another encapsulates this essence of marking boundaries and initiating new journeys.

Gateways, be they literal doors or the symbolic shift from one year to another, possess a peculiar power. They signify transitions, signalling where one space ends and another begins.

Have you ever wandered from room to room, only to forget what you intended to do or retrieve? The crossing of these boundaries can cause a mental reset, prompting us to retrace our steps to remember the purpose we had initially. *See the video I shared below for more opening and closing doors

As 2023 draws to a close, it’s an opportune moment to pause and reflect. Amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the year has offered us a multitude of experiences, lessons, achievements, and perhaps even moments we’re ready to bid farewell to as they no longer serve our growth.

Taking stock of these experiences is pivotal. Journaling our learnings, achievements, and the chapters we’re closing can serve as guideposts. A written record or visual representations in the form of images encapsulate these snippets of our journey, ensuring that as we traverse the threshold into the new year, we carry forward the essence of what’s truly valuable.

By acknowledging and honouring the significance of what 2023 brought into our lives, we equip ourselves to step into 2024 more mindfully. These reflections act as a compass, guiding us toward our aspirations, reminding us of the wisdom gained, and providing a poignant reminder of what we choose to leave behind.

As the clock ticks toward the start of a new year, let’s take a moment to cherish the lessons, celebrate the victories, and bid adieu to what no longer aligns with our path forward. With a heart full of gratitude for the experiences that shaped us, let’s step boldly into 2024, armed with the knowledge and insights from the crossing of this temporal gateway.

Let me invite you to step into a transformative end-of-the-year yoga self-practice on this video. I hope you will find it a serene journey to bid adieu to the passing year and embrace the dawn of new beginnings.

During this yoga practice, meet Iggy, our delightful feline companion, who is just 7 months old. She decided to partake in the yoga session herself. Don’t miss out on Iggy’s playful involvement in the class, opening and closing sliding doors, at the start and end of the session. Very symbolic of the end of one year and the start of the next!

She contributed with a symphony of her bell toy sounds.

Find yourself a tranquil space, surrounded by the soft embrace of serenity (early morning is best for me), as you delve into introspection, guided by the wisdom of your breath and the fluidity of movement.

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