Extreme Yoga!… or rather, yoga for extremities

Many people turn to yoga as a way to get moving gently – instead of high impact exercises, to reduce tension and improve joint flexibility. Is that you?

While Yoga is good for the whole body and specially for the mind, it also has tools to focus in particular parts of the body and practice a bit of self-care.

Here is the intro to the videos of Yoga for your hands and Yoga for your feet and ankles:

Hands and fingers

Hands and fingers are amazing, I am so grateful for them. They help up to grasp and let go – in the literal and figurative sense.

On this seated Yoga sequence, we work with our fingers and arms and throw in a bit of eye yoga too. Try it out to increase range of motion in wrists and fingers, and improve flexibility in the small muscles of the hands and activate your arms and shoulders.

Feet and ankles

Do you have cold feet? Or maybe you have a lingering old injury in your ankles?

Yoga is a good and safe way to get the blood circulating better to feet and toes. It can also help you to strengthen and mobilise your ankles.

On this practice you also learn to isolate the movement of your toes!

Try it out and send me photos of your achievement!


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Preventative care is the best care!

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