Fancy a Yoga Holiday?

In 2019 I will be teaching at Sardinia Yoga Holidays again! Come and join me and we will have lots of fun!

The season starts in March, in Majorca and in May in Croatia and Sardinia. 

I will be in:

If these days are not good for you, just book any other week! All the teachers are great!

It would be great to see you there!

The company I am working with for the Yoga Holidays has three locations: Sardinia (where they started these amazing yoga holidays), Majorca and Croatia. They are called Sardinia Yoga and they have a lovely approach to offering yoga and at the same time allowing people to have a holiday.

Unlike almost any other yoga holiday, there is a choice of two yoga styles at the same location most weeks in Sardinia, Majorca and Croatia.

Every morning you will have two yoga classes to choose from, i.e. Vinyasa Flow or gentle Hatha. Both are two hours in length and happen simultaneously on two yoga decks by two yoga teachers.

If you are travelling with a friend who prefers a different type of yoga you can each join different classes.

Both classes are open to beginners and experienced yogis but the energy level is quite different between them.

How is this Yoga Holiday different?

– It is a beach yoga holiday, not a retreat
– You arrive any day to suit your calendar
– You can choose a short stay from three nights, or as long as you like!
– Every morning you can start with a light breakfast and jump straight into your Yoga class on private shaded spaces by the beach.
-After the class, a fantastic extended breakfast will be served just for us.
–  The hotels are 4-star family-owned, so you will get proper en-suite accommodation and a delicious choice of food
– Don’t miss out on these amazing Mediterranean locations

You can book now!

Don’t take my word for it, see what participants say!


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