Sunday morning class at Colfe’s leisure centre

Do you fancy a great start of your Sunday? Why not try a bit of Yoga!
Come to Colfe’s Leisure centre for a 10 am or an 11 am class.
These hour-long classes are suitable for all levels. However, if you are only starting or have some physical issues, the first hour is gentler, better for beginners. The second hour is a little stronger.
You could even do both classes!
My yoga style is based on Ashtanga Yoga with Iyengar alignments. The lessons are always different, focusing on different parts of the physical and energetic body as well as the mind.
The practice starts with a short centring meditation and breathing exercises. Then we work on the Asanas, or postures.
All levels are welcome!
Yoga is for anyone!
I can provide modifications to suit every person’s needs.
To practice yoga you don’t need to be supple, strong, young or old; you just need to be willing to try and ready to surprise yourself.
My yoga classes are fun and will empower you to get stronger, more focused and to learn what’s right for your body.
Join the Sunday morning yoga class at 10 am or a11 am and feel the difference!
Members: £2, non-members £6

To book call: 020 8297 9110 or email:


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