Outdoor Yoga to continue all summer!

Do you like a bit of fresh air?
Have you tried the joy of connecting with nature while exercising?
Don’t hesitate and come to Yoga Outdoors in Chinbrook Meadows!

We’ve been having a sunny and warm Spring and beginnings of the Summer practising Yoga in Chinbrook Meadows.

These classes have, so far, been kindly sponsored by ChART, so it’s been free for anyone to attend, which is amazing!

As the sponsorship comes from a fund for the Chinbrook area specifically, the classes will continue to be free for Chinbrook residents and none residents will have to pay £5.

Time, 10 am.
Same place: Chinbrook Meadows.

The fee is only £5

Do join me!


Geny Caloisi

PS: if you have questions, don’t hesitate in contacting me on 07796641151 or email Geny@cheyoga.co.uk

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