Yoga and Ayurveda for the Autumn

After the hot months and long days of summer, the autumn can give us an opportunity to get re-focused and start new projects or set up renewed objectives for our lives and yoga practice.

Autumn leaves by Lilly Walkers
Autumn leaves by Lilly Walkers

However, have you ever found that our good intentions don’t last long in the Autumn? You are not the only one.

This is why I have designed the next six weeks term of the Monday evening Yoga lessons to learn and put into practice what will really help us in the fall.

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According to Ayurveda, Autumn is a Vata season, where the elements of Air and Space are heightened. More movement from the wind, dryness and dampness are in the air and what happens on the environment will reflect on our bodies and minds.

You might find that your concentration is a bit scattered. Perhaps you will start things without bringing them to fruition.

This is where more will power and determination are needed. Yoga teaches us discipline and helps us develop our resilience and stamina.

Through Yoga and Ayuerveda we can get the necessary tools, such as Vata-pacifying yoga practices and some nice, heartwarming foods that will balance our Doshas.

Join me for 6 weeks of Yoga where you will learn how to thrive in the Autumn!

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