Friendship Yoga Week

To celebrate love, I am launching ‘Friendship yoga Week’, February 8th-14th.

What is Friendship Yoga Week?

Simple! Book a Yoga class with me this week, and you can bring a friend for free!


Give your friend the gift of a yoga class!

How does it work?


Of course, if you are already booked on one of my classes, you just need to take Step 2!

Why am I organising the ‘Friendship Yoga Week’?

Next Sunday is St Valentines – I am sure you are well aware of it.¬†Shops don’t let us forget about it.

I believe that love is very important, but not everybody is with a partner.

The pandemic has been a really tough period for couples. And people that are single have also had close to no opportunities to meet anyone.

In my opinion, Valentine’s Day should not be exclusively limited to romantic love. Our friends are really important too.

Let’s celebrate our friendships! Invite your friend to Yoga this week!

Book a yoga class with me and bring a friend for free!

Foot notes:


  • The term for the regular Mondays and Thursdays classes is coming to an end this week. There will be no classes on those days on the week commencing on February 15th.


  • I am testing a new, more advanced booking system, so I shall send the new links when ready.


  • The Start the Day with Yoga classes continue as usual, from Tuesday-Thursday (8:00 am) and for the rest of the month.



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