Springtime: It’s time to come into bloom

It’s springtime! What joy when the days start to get longer and the warmer air comes laden with sweet scents of blossoming flowers all around us.

Spring gives us an excellent opportunity to detoxify our bodies and shed the layers we accumulated during the cosy winter months. The earth is changing and so can we.

It’s time to go outside, have some refreshing brisks walks and shake off all excess Kapha.

Spring – Kapha season

Spring is a season where nature guides us gently and softly into relaxing with the warmer climate and longer days. This time of year can also make us realise that we carry some extra heaviness and lethargy in our bodies and minds which have accumulated during the winter and we need to shake off.

We know there will be a few spots of rain and more moisture in the air. Flowers are blooming and with their beauty comes also the threat of allergies. Allergies are avoidable, you don’t need to suffer them, you just need to strengthen your system!

Spring also feels like a slower pace time of year. Time to sit around, to play, to fall in love. It certainly feels slower than the Summer of Autumn.

According to Ayurveda, Kapha is the Dosha or Humour that is composed of the elements of water and earth. Springtime is a Kapah season because the qualities that represent Spring are the same as the qualities the elements of Water and Earth bring (i.e. Moisture, heaviness, nourishment, nurturing, a slower pace).

As Spring is a Kapha season, what happens in the environment will be reflected in our bodies, and this will mean that Kapha will increase making us feel congested and lethargic. When these qualities of moisture and heaviness are in excess in our bodies, we can get water retention, put on weight or oversleep. This is also the season where allergies become more prominent.

The solution is to develop a seasonal routine to minimise spring’s kapha-aggravating potential while supporting the elimination of any accumulated excess from the winter months.

A seasonal diet and lifestyle that kicks us started into stimulating our bodies and minds to find more sharpness, lightness and dryness can be revolutionary to the way we experience springtime. This will open the opportunity to foster renewal and revitalization.

Wanna find out more?

Join me on April 21st for a Yoga and Ayurveda Spring workshop at the Beckenham SPA, 24 Beckenham Rd.

  • The two-hour workshop will be from 12:30-14: 30 pm.
  • Cost: £10 for members, £12,50 for guests
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