Last week of 2020, new plans

We are nearly there, 2020 is almost over and we have the opportunity to draw a new plan for 2021. I want to share with you a few things are last-minute impulse ideas that I hope you join me in.

I have to confess, I am missing practising with a group. As a yoga teacher i have my own self practice, which doesn’t always mean I do two hours of Ashtanga Yoga every morning. Sometimes it looks more like meditation, mantra chanting or restorative practices.

For this last week of the year I am opening up my self practice room to you all.

Let’s self practice together

I’ll open the Zoom be at 9 am for half an hour, for the next few days:, Password: selfyoga.

This is free to join! You just have to turn up!

Please note that this is not a led class. I can suggest some things to do but I will not be ‘teaching you’ we’ll do our own practice. We’ll do yoga together

Last minute event

The last full moon of 2020 workshop, December 29th

Have you done your evaluation of the year yet? I have been doing it, as I usually do, but this year has not been straightforward, I have to confess…

Writing about what’s happened in 2020 brings me a lot of emotional turbulence. The main word that came for it for me has been growth (personal, business, learning…etc). For me these type of mental and emotional exercises are SO IMPORTANT, this year I want to invite you to do it together.

Looking at the sky tonight, the moon spoke to me and I could not ignore it.

I have organised a ‘Last Full Moon of 2020’ class/ceremony. It’s on December 29th at 18:00 pm. A full hour to honour what was and get ready for what will be.

Book your place here

Classes for 2021 are ready

I know many of you have asked me about the classes for next year.

We’ll continue with the classes as they were and you can book now:

*By clicking the names of the classes you will be taken to the booking system.

Namaste, see you in the morning on your mats for self practice and on the 29th!

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