Let the light within shine all around

Happy Diwali, the festival of light.

This class invites you to warm up the spine, neck, and shoulders to do a shoulder stand. We also do a light meditation at the end.

Shoulder stand, also known as the “queen of all yoga poses,” is an advanced posture that requires patience and time to master, despite the benefits it offers to your body and mind.

An inversion, like a shoulder stand, allows your blood to flow in a reverse direction so that you wake up with a fresh wave of blood coursing through you. Research has shown that this rush boosts your circulation and increases your oxygen intake.

According to experts, being upside down readjusts your internal organs like your intestines and colon.

It takes a lot of core strength and upper body strength to lift into a shoulder stand and hold it. Your entire body is engaged during the posture, increasing the range of motion and flexibility in your neck, shoulders, and legs.

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