Let’s manifest our dreams in 2022

I want to invite you to a Free Vision Board Workshop on Saturday 8th, 9:30 10:30 am.

We’ll meet on Zoom, do a bit of chair yoga (you won’t need a yoga mat or a lot of space), have fun creating your vision board and close with a meditation.
You’ll need a large piece of paper (newspaper, wrapping paper, cardboard) or a board of any sort where you can stick some images and words that you can get from magazines, newspapers or you can even use your beautiful Christmas cards!
Have some glue or sticky tape and scissors.
Some pens would be good too as you might want to write.
I’ll guide you through different areas of your life and how would you like to feel about those.

This workshop is not about setting up goals, this is about dreaming big and finding inspiration for this year that starts.

Here is the link to join: https://app.ubindi.com/Geny.Caloisi

Hope to see you all!


Geny xx

Vision Board

Let's dream big and manifest the best 2022 we can have

Book for the one-hour free workshop this Saturday!


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