Winter Solstice Yoga Challenge

Yesterday afternoon I had the vivid proof that magic happens when we get together as a community.

The Full Moon in Gemini illuminated a wonderful group of yogis that, despite fears and doubts relating to the pandemic and not wanting to put ourselves at risk before Christmas, put their faith in being cautious, but allowing fun and discovery in.

An altar is a prayer made visible

It is indeed a sign of our times when hand gel is part of our central altar!

My prayer was, let us celebrate. Let us be together and do yoga while remaining safe.

Winter Solstice

Today, December 20th , 2021, I want to invite you to celebrate the winter solstice with me, online, in Zoom.

In a nutshell, we’ll get together on Zoom at around 17:45, to start at 18:00. The aim is to do sun salutations, a few more than you would normally do, so that we can burn away what we no longer need.

Traditionally in the Solstices, we do 108 sun salutes but don’t be put off by it. We’ll start slow, split the journey into 4 chunks of 27 sun salutes and you can sit out as many as you’d like.

You can see what we’ve done last year and listen to a couple of testimonies here.

I know it’s a bit last minute this time around, but I hope you can at least show up for part of it!

The proceedings from this online event will be for the charity CRISIS. Let’s show again our support to the homeless, the way that we can!

Join me here:

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