Might you be in need of an Ayurvedic massage?

TreatmentsAyurveda Massage Treatments are not ordinary massages. The treatments are tailored to address the person’s individual needs and lack of balance.

Most of these treatments are nourishing for the skin, muscles, tendons and nervous system. They are also cleansing of the energy channels along the body.

Geny Caloisi uses only the highest organic oils. Some of them are medicated with herbs that are specify for the client needs. The oils used are heated to a comfortable temperature.

The treatments vary from localised ones, such as hand of foot massage (which include up to the elbow and knee, respectively); to full body ones that include the back and front of the body, with arms, hands, neck, legs feet, hips.

All Ayurvedic treatments are aimed at helping the individual’s body-mind constitution or Dosha – a combination of the five different elements.

Your Ayurveda massage treatment will begin with a short consultation to see your current state. A longer through consultation is recommended to get the full picture. Ayurvedic massage is most beneficial when combined with a complete Ayurvedic lifestyle consultation.

The tailored Ayurveda massage treatments last anywhere from 30 minutes to 90 minutes. The oil is heated and applied directly to your skin. You will be covered with towels throughout the treatment, and only the parts being massaged will be exposed, ensuring you feel warm and secure.

For better comfort it is best to remove all garments, jewelry and piercings as otherwise oil may get in contact with them. Please advise if there is any body part you wish not be to be massaged – such as your chest/ breasts. Your Hair will also come in contact with the oils, the oils are good for your skin and hair and offer deep nourishment.

Please bear in mind that you may feel very relaxed after the treatment, so you may want to plan your activities following the treatment to match this feeling.

Ayurvedic massage is MOST beneficial when combined with a complete Ayurvedic lifestyle, and is most complimentary when added to a conscious choice and pathway to greater health, and vitality in your life.

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