Geny’s Mondays Yoga class, Bromley, Summer term 2019

During our second term on Monday evening’s Yoga class, we have learned about Mundras and their energetic power. The third term, we did a journey through the chakras.

On the fourth term, will consist of only four lessons before I go to teach in Sardinia! We will start which starts on June 17th until July 8th, we are going to explore the Moon Phases!

Don’t miss the opportunity to deepen your practice and make new friends becoming part of this Yoga community.

The Yoga class is in Bromley, at the St Peter’s and St Paul’s Lounge Hall. There is no parking on site, but you can find spaces around Bromley.

book now

It’s only £34 for the whole term.  Drop in classes are £10 Once you select all the dates of the term, you’ll get the £6 discount automatically.

There are limited spaces for one-off bookings, but you can book ad-hock classes for £10 each.

If you have any questions please let me know, I am happy to help.

Call me on 07796641151



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