New Year, new Yoga Journey!

As it’s traditional, the new calendar year gives us a chance to set our New Year’s resolutions. You might vow to eat better, to deepen our yoga practice, to meditate daily, maybe even just to be a kinder person.

Yet most of us know from experience that keeping those resolutions is another matter altogether.

Have you ever wonder, ‘why is that?”

The answer is: until the resolution becomes a habit, we will be unlikely to do it.

Habits as repetitive behaviors that are performed in consistent circumstances.

Habits can be simple actions, like turning on or off a light switch as you walk through a doorway. There are also other more complex behaviors such as that nearly unconscious drive home from work…

If you want to make Yoga your new good habit for 2020, come to my Monday Yoga class in Bromley!

When: We start on January 6th till February 10th.

Where: Lounge room, St Peter’s and St Paul’s parish church in Bromley, Church Road, Bromley, BR2 0EG.

Investment: It’s only £48 for the six lessons, saving you £12.

Drop-ins are £10 each.

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