Spring Equinox Yoga Challenge

We are coming full circle! this will be the fourth Seasonal Balance Yoga Challenge! Join us on Sunday, March 21st at 10 am. You just need to register here: https://www.subscribepage.com/y4b0h4_copy

Participating is free of charge. For whoever is able to, we will be making donations to a Refugee Camp project in Greece called RefuGym https://www.refugym.org/donate

The changes of seasons are important dates in the calendar. Not only because the change can bring exciting things ahead, such as holidays and events, but also because we have an opportunity to detox from the previous season and re-set to enjoy the one that is coming in.

The vibrant energy of spring begins to rise many of us will naturally feel a desire to do a spring cleanse. This often starts with an urge to clean our living spaces.

We may feel an urgent desire to clear out the clutter and dust that has accumulated over the winter season. get a sense of spaciousness and freedom.

As our bodies start to wake up to springtime energy, we may feel a similar desire for a nutritional and lifestyle cleanse. This desire to lighten up, get things moving, and shift our diets is a very good sign that our bodies and minds are attuned to the season.

Winter is a season where we want to favour deep nourishment, especially for individuals living in colder northern climates.

However, as we move into the spring season those same foods can start to aggravate Kapha dosha (excess Earth & Water elements), and cause congestion, slow digestion, heaviness, and even low-grade nausea. This is part of the Ayurveda wisdom that I follow and share with my students.

In the Spring Equinox Yoga Challenge we will be looking to find this equilibrium. We will be performing sequences of salutations, moon and sun.

It won’t be 108 like on the Solstices, but we’ll still do a few. You can start practising with the video of Sun Salutation A below.


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