After work Yoga

Do you feel that the days pass too fast, you are always working and you have no time to exercise? Or even no time for yourself?

If you are managing a team I want to support you and your team with four weeks of fun simple, easily used yoga, meditation and relaxation sessions.

Each session can be an hour, 45 minutes or just 30 minutes. It’s all delivered online, so that your team can dial in and participate together, from where ever they are, at a time that suits everybody.

Our focus will be on keeping your team grounded and relaxed.

I’ll share with all very simple tools that anyone can use when they are a little bit tired, stressed or feeling deflated.

These are very simply fun sessions designed for everybody. You don’t; need any experience any special equipment and you can even do it in your suit.

These are super fun, super useful and powerful to support you and your team right now.

Here is the solution, half-hour of ‘Swift after work yoga’

We’ll meet on Zoom and start just after your workday ends – for instance at 17:30 pm and we’ll be done by 18:00 pm.

*I’ll open the room around 10 minutes before for you to settle.

What would you need?

  • A yoga mat if you have one, or a towel or a blanket just to cushion knees or anything else that might need support.
  • Clothes that you can move onto
  • As extras good to have are: cushions (one of two), a yoga block, a strap, belt or scarf you can use to help you reach.
  • A sense of curiosity and fun!

Email me on and we can get started!

Try this neck and shoulders yoga class and feel the difference!

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