Why do I always make time for Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra

I first was introduced to Yin Yoga during my yoga teaching training in India. I never practised it before and in all honesty, the first time I did it it was very hard for me to calm down the mind and get to focus on the breath. 

I loved a strong Ashtanga practise and the way it tired my body and pushed it to its limits. But there is only so much really strong yoga that you can or should do.

In the last few years, since I have transitioned from being a journalist to becoming a full-time yoga teacher and a busy Ayurveda consultant, my own practice has changed a lot.

My personal yin practice is now essential for me to recharge and give back to my body, mind, and spirit. During Yin yoga, we get a chance to turn inward and nurture the calm, quiet centre that is innate in all of us. 

In Yin Yoga, we look for stillness. We stay in postures for a longer period of time, allowing us to research what’s best. We learn to be patient and non-reactivity. We can learn to listen better to our bodies and our own thoughts.

Once we make this fertile soil, we have the ideal place to meditate and create new neurological paths in our mind = meditate. Yoga Nidra is my go to type of meditation. You do it laying down or even in bed, it’s pure bliss.

A quick recap of the benefits of Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra:

1. The yin practise can help the body restore range of motion.

2. Yin yoga revitalises the fascia, which is a fine tissue that covers all organs and muscles in the body.

3. During Yin we have a unique opportunity to cultivate gratitude for the body.

5. Yin yoga teaches self-compassion.

6- Yoga Nidra re-sets our brains.

7- During Yoga Nidra meditation we can re-wire our mind and explore it from a safe space.

8- Meditation, and in particular Nidra, provides effective relief for depression and long-standing anxiety.

9- Nidra clear the mind so that we can absorb and learn new material.

10- Yoga Nidra boosts our creativity and capacity to cope with life’s changes.


Really worth getting into these two Yoga practices!

But don’t take my word for it, try it our yourself.

Yin Yang Yoga – 19:30 – 20:45 pm. Book here: https://cheyoga-and-ayurveda-wellness.reservie.net/checkout/event/djEsMTYsNTkxNCww

Yoga Nidra – 21:00-21:30 Book here: https://cheyoga-and-ayurveda-wellness.reservie.net/checkout/event/djEsMTYsNTkxNiww

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