Happy Summer Solstice and International Yoga day

Yah! It is time to celebrate and recalibrate.

The energy of the summer season, in particular, is the energy of fire. Fire element means rapid transformation.

We all have an inner fire, which helps us to get things done and drive our lives. Our sunshine is located in our Manipura chakra (solar plexus chakra). For me, the energy of summer is the solar plexus plus the Anahata Chakra (heart chakra). Power and drive together with love and compassion.

The yoga flow I am sharing in this post will help you work with these two energies. You will practice half splits (half Hanumanasana). To master the splits we need a lot of determination. In this class, you will also Anjaneya Asana. Hanuman, or the monkey God Hanuman, loves the sun. Anjaneya Asana shows Hanuman opening his heart and saluting the Sun God.

By practising Anjaneya Asana, you will build up your concentration power to a great extent and improve your body balance. You should perform this pose keeping in mind a sense of worship and praise, either to your higher self or to a power greater than you. Learn and repeat this flow to get a deeper understanding of how to tap into your inner fire. 

Self-enquiry: What has your inner fire helped you to accomplish this half-year?

The Summer Solstice is the apex of the season. Today is the longest day of the year, and at the same time, from today, days will start shortening. The symbolism of this is, as with the moon phases, the completion of something and letting go of what we no longer need or can complete.

This is all part of your growth and change. Some things that you have been doing might be worth continuing, but ask yourself whether there are jobs, habits, relationships or patterns that you need to let go of.

Self-enquiry: What has reached its peak in your life?

Many cultures have celebrated solar energy since the begging of times. The sun allows harvest to mature, purifies and renews. 

The sun, or Surya in Sanskrit, represent the masculine energy, the Divine Masculine. Yesterday we celebrated father’s day, but not only men have the Divine Masculine in them, but women also do. 

Sometimes the masculine energy can be linked with anger and aggression. In my opinion, we should not suppress any emotions; there are times when anger and aggression are the correct response to a situation and can help protect the vulnerable or defend ourselves.

However, there is also a protective and nurturing side to masculine energy. That helps us to achieve our dreams and manifest what is alive within us.

Self-enquiry: How has the masculine energy empowered you this year? Where might you need to let that energy flourish a bit more? 

Make sure you take some time today to reflect and celebrate the Summer Solstice. Take your diary out and write the answers to the self-enquiry questions.

It’ll be great if you can comment on this post and share your thoughts.