Meditate using the mantra: Sat Chit Ananda

Sat Chit Ananda mantra evokes the bliss of pure knowledge and consciousness.

Sat –  Can be thought of as absolute or pure truth. Sat also represents the eternal and everlasting, ‘that which never changes,’ our spiritual presence.

Chit – Chit is related to awareness or consciousness, also interpreted as knowledge.

Ananda – Ananda means bliss, happiness, or joy. It is our deep true essence. There is not just one way of interpreting the meaning of a mantra.

To repeat it will allow you to experience its power, a feeling of oneness with all things.


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  1. Llana Alva
    19 mins ago

    Beautiful ♥️

  2. Rajy Premakumar
    3 hours ago

    Thank you for the beautiful lesson

    1. Geny Caloisi
      6 hours ago

      Many thanks for the comment.


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