Tadasana – standing strong as a mountain

Tadasana means Mountain pose. This is the start and end of our sun salutations and it’s a basic Yoga pose that the dedicated yogi, as well as anyone wanting to have a healthy and strong body, should learn.

Instructions for Tadasana:

  • Stand tall, but not stiff
  • Be mindful not to overextend your knees if you have hypermobility
  • Preserve the natural curvature of the spine (don’t tuck or tilt your tailbone)
  • Try to have your feet parallel to each other, even if they feel as if you are pigeon toeing.
  • Feet can be together or hip stance apart
  • Open your chest and have your heart in front of your brain

When you find the right balance in Tadasana you might even want to do your final meditation standing!

Try it out on this half-hour class:

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