Yoga for your team

Yes, 2020 was no joke and all of the uncertainty that everybody is doing such a great job well to manage still gets to us. Working from home can be lonely and stressful in its own way – partners and children around, not having an exclusive space for our work, interruptions, etc.

I bet chairs have taken a whole new meaning since we are working from home! Chairs are probably one of the most used objects in a household and now I am telling you, there is a new way to use it! The Chair you seat in can become a mini gym!

I have put together a package for work teams working away from the office. I am offering 30 minutes of yoga, meditation and relaxation once a week, for four weeks for £297.

These classes are super fun, useful and powerful to support you and your team right now.

Interested? Contact me on to find out about a special four-week package: ‘Yoga for your team’.

Or register your interest here and get some tips on how to release your neck and shoulders.

Do you think that seated yoga is only for old people?
Are you afraid that you will get bored?

Well, go ahead and try this recorded class.

This could be you and your work team, getting a bit of a sweat from home, together to refresh and be more productive.

Shy about it?

  • You only need a device with a camera and speakers and a the free Zoom app account.
  • You can do it on your work clothes.
  • Don’t worry, your workmates will probably not see your full body.
  • If you want the teacher to guide you, you need a bit of distance from the camera, if you only want to show your head and torso, you can be closer to it.
  • Everyone is focused on themselves, not others most of the time and especially when they are learning new things!

If you are managing a team or are part of a working team I want to support you and your team with four weeks of fun simple, easily used yoga, meditation and relaxation sessions.

Each session is just 30 minutes. It’s all delivered online, so that your team can dial in and participate together, from where ever they are, at a time that suits everybody.

Our focus will be on keeping your team grounded and relaxed.

I’ll share with all very simple tools that anyone can use when they are a little bit tired, stressed or feeling deflated.

These are very simply fun sessions designed for everybody. You don’t; need any experience any special equipment and you can even do it in your suit!

Don’t miss this opportunity, email me on  for this four-week package: ‘Yoga for your team’.

No two classes I teach are the same and I always adapt it to whoever is present.

*Note: When you do the video shared on this post, please be careful or refrain on doing this class by yourself if you have body impairments as this is an advanced class.

Come to the live class with me instead! I can watch over you and guide you.
Always remember that working from home you are responsible for being safe and practice within your means.

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