A Christmas gift to you: Loving Kindeness meditation

Dear Friend,

I wanted to wish you a Christmas Day full of love and peace. Relishing every moment with your loved ones and, if you can, having some time to yourselves.

It’s such a blessing to have a couple of days off! TIme to rest. Time to think. Time to meditate. Time to be grateful for the year that was.

What has been your favourite part of this Christmas so far? I enjoyed playing Christmas Carols on my Uke with my lovely partner, Peter. Dinner wasn’t bad either!

But to me, Christmas is not just about being busy and with others. It’s really great if we can find a bit of quiet, light a candle and rest within our hearts. Meditation is a wonderful gift to ourselves. One of my favourite meditations is ‘Loving Kindness’.

In the Loving Kindness meditation, we first start by expressing love and compassion towards ourselves. This is always the first step, the essential foundation to be able to love others.

Here are a few words you could use:

Once that flame of self-love and compassion is shining bright, we can then send it to someone we love and/or admire. So you will wish them ‘to be peaceful and at ease. To meet themselves with loving kindness. To be well.’

The third step in this meditation is to send these wishes to someone we don’t know. Someone you might see on the bus or in the street, but that you don’t know their names or what they do. You send them loving kindness.

The fourth step is to send these wishes to someone you might not like that much. Maybe, someone you are having some emotional turbulence with. Or perhaps someone towards whom you cannot open your heart. Send them loving kindness. Wish them to be peaceful and at ease. To meet themselves with loving kindness. To be well.

You might not feel like it at the beginning, but try and do it with faith. Love is our nature and it’s the strongest force there is. Who can resist real love?
The loving kindness meditation can help us to go beyond our ego.

Then take a few minutes in silence to bathe yourself in the energy this lovely meditation generates. If you so feel like it, you can send the loving-kindness to all living beings around the world.

Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.

My deepest Namaste,
Geny xxx

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