January 6th 2019, a day to reflect and set intentions

Today, January 6th is the day the Three Kings found the newly born Jesus, it is the Epiphany.
For a guide, the three kings only had a STAR and their absolute knowledge that following this start they would find the treasure they were after. Which STAR will you be following this year?

Today is also the day of a new moon. It is the first new moon of 2019!
New moons offer us an opportunity to begin again and can be a potent time in which to set intentions or craft a new vision.

The moon and sun are sitting in earthy Capricorn. This can be an especially great day for supporting a sense of getting organized, reviewing what has past and beginning to outline what we might want to step towards in the year to come.

If you have written down your new year’s resolutions, today would be a good day to review them and see what you wrote, whether there are things you might not want anymore or, perhaps, see the things you forgot or would like to add!

Today is also Sunday, a day for reflexion and rest. Enjoy it!
Take your time, make your plan!

Be a brave warrior for the rest of 2019. Remember, our minds and hearts are limitless!

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