Day 1 – Thrive in the new season

So lovely to start the day practising a grounding yoga class with some of you! If you couldn’t make it, please don’t worry, this is the recording:

Thrive in the new season, Day 1

It’ll be wonderful to know how you felt afterwards and feel free to ask any questions.

This is a gentle and grounding Yoga class. Your yoga practice doesn’t need to be a vigorous asana session. Think about balance, so it can be a Yin-Yang type of class.

Some gentle stretches, using what you have around you to support you, and connecting with the ground and your breath is enough. It’s about doing some mindful yoga.

Attention and intention are the keys to a meaningful yoga practice.

If you’ve not done an online Yoga class wiht me, try this one and you can also join me live from Tuesday-Thursdays, 7:45-8:30 am, in Zoom! You can register here.

By the way, the on class has options to do it from a chair too.

Let me know how you feel afterwars:

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