How to get ready for the Autumn

Does the start of September make you feel like the summer is over?

Thanks to exceptionally good weather here in the UK this year, we can still feel that the energy of summer is still upon us. And what’s even better, the season does not officially change until September 21st, when we have the Autumn Equinox!

I have an invitation for you to the ‘Thrive in the new season’ program; please read on.

Ayurveda explains that as it is outside, so it’s inside. The summer months are filled with intense, outward-focused energy – that can wear us out. Do you feel that as September approaches, you feel drained and need another holiday? You are not alone, but help is at hand.

We are approaching the Autumn Equinox. Equinox means balance, an equal amount of daylight and nighttime. I find the change of seasons inspirational and love it when the morning and evening get crispier; we experience the beautiful twilight and Autumn colours. Have you felt a slight change in the air?

As the wheel of the seasons turns to a more inward-looking Autumn, you get more space to breathe. You might even feel an eagerness to reconnect with routines you may have let go of over the summer – don’t fight it; a bit of routine is perfect for making us feel more grounded. On the change of season, we get an opportunity to detoxify from the last season and prepare for the new one.

If you rather not do it alone, I’ll be running a FREE seven-day ‘Thrive in the new season’ program from September 15th till the 21st. Click this link to register. The session will be live online (at the appropriate time for the task), and you will also have recordings to catch up with later. 

Here are seven tips to start transitioning into the Autumn and thrive in the new season. 

1- Exercise outside – You know I would recommend that you do Yoga. However, your yoga practice doesn’t need to be a vigorous asana session. Think about balance, so it can be a Yin-Yang type of class. Some gentle stretches outside (even on a balcony), using what you have around you, maybe a park bench or the railings on the patio, and connecting with your breath is enough. Then you can go inside and do some mindful yoga. Attention and intention are the keys to a meaningful yoga practice.

2 – Get a dose of orange light and meditate – Sunrise and sunset are at a more accessible time now; no need to get up at 4 am; around 6 am and 6 pm, you can experience the soft and soothing orange energy of the sun.

How to do it? At the time of sunrise or sunset, with your eyelids closed, face the sun and breath slowly in and out, trying to make the out-breath longer than the in-breath.

Then sit down somewhere warm and meditate for 20 minutes.

Even if you cannot meditate straight after your orange rays bath, you can simulate the memory of the sunrays as you meditate by using a candle. 

3 – Journaling:  Take a piece of paper, a notebook, or your journal and allocate some time (no less than 20 minutes) to download your thoughts. Handwriting is therapeutic in itself! 

I find it sometimes difficult as I am more used to typing than writing by hand, but I can feel the difference when I do it. Give it a go! 

Here are some prompts for you:

How do you feel about the current state of things? Do you feel out of balance in any areas of your life? Is there a way to bring things back into balance?

Can you think of any experiences you’re grateful for?

Over the spring and summer, what did you learn? 

Is there anything you have learned along the way?

4 – Enjoy some lazy end-of-summertime rest – this can take many shapes and forms. From a restful nap in a hammock to reading a book on the beach or your garden or sitting with your favourite brew (or a hot chocolate) and just enjoying it thoroughly – with no sense of guilt, you are worth it. 

Or perhaps you want to immerse yourself in a wonderfully relaxing Yoga Nidra.

Think about what sounds like the laziest and most indulgent action you can take, and do that! 

5- Reboot your senses – our five senses are the windows to our world. We might take them for granted, but taking time to cleanse and nourish each of our senses can bring a healing modality into our lives that we didn’t know it was, literally, at our fingertips.

6- Clean your space, and build an altar – During the transition to Autumn, it is the ideal time to cleanse your house’s energy in preparation for the months ahead, when you will spend more time inside and want to be as comfortable and cozy as you can. You want the energy of your home to uplift you!

If cleaning is not your favourite task, start with one room at a time. See what you can let go of. Include your family in the process! You can create special spray bottles with essential oils, use sound to cleanse the air molecules or perhaps place crystals in strategic places.

Building an altar is a great way to focus your energy.

7 – Bottle up some of the summer goodness – This is an excellent season for doing preserves. From Jams to chutneys and pickles, you can take your favourite fruit or vegetable from the summertime and turn it into something you can enjoy all Autumn and winter. And if what you want is to tap into natural health, then fermented food, tinctures and syrups can be the way.

Bonus tip – Experience nature – No matter where you live, find a park or garden where you can spend a little time observing nature around you and note how it makes you feel.

There is magic when you connect to mother Earth and her cycles and rhythms. 

Connecting with natural energy, getting outdoors and letting it work on you will nourish, nurture, support, and push you forward. The same thing happens to everything else in nature, just as it will happen to you when you let it because you are part of nature, and nature is part of you.

The change of seasons has completely transformed my life since I realised how they influence and inspire me.

Join me on the journey with my seven days ‘Thrive in the new season’ FREE program. You won’t regret it!

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